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It's a Controlled Descent

Dillanger, 25 year old male from Connecticut.  Anything that happens to me, I intended to do it. I swear.
Aug 21 '12



Damn internet generation.  The Homestuck fandom’s freaking out over this little hiatus, and god knows the fandoms for TV shows get neurotic between seasons.

Try being a fan of a book series and waiting years between books.  Then you shall truly know pain.  Or, y’know, when an author like Robert Jordan just up and dies before the series you love is complete.

Calmeth thine tits.

Its another inside joke of the random, the “freakouts” aren’t serious

In that case, have you ever heard of Poe’s Law?

EDIT:  Dunno why it keeps cutting off Mexotaku’s comment, I’m reblogging as a text post…